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How To Pack The Perfect Holiday Wardrobe This Year

How To Pack The Perfect Holiday Wardrobe This Year

If you’re anything like I used to be, trying to pack your suitcase for your upcoming vacation is stressful at best.

I used to be guilty of packing far too many options of everything; then wearing only a handful of items for most of my trip. While the rest of the clothing did nothing but weigh me down, and return home completely un-touched.

But packing doesn’t need to be agonising or difficult. Check out my handy tips below.

  1. Check the weather

A week before you go, check the weather forecast for your destination. Climates are ever-changing these days. Even if the weather is supposed to be sunshine with clear blue skies, you don’t want to find yourself caught in a rain storm without any appropriate clothing!

  1. Make a list

Write down a list of everything you’ll be doing while you’re on your trip. Whether it’s hiking, rafting, attending a wedding, or even going on safari – get clear on what activities you’ll be doing, so you know which essentials you need to bring.

  1. Everything should co-ordinate

Here are the basic rules: all of your tops should co-ordinate with all of your bottoms. And all of your outerwear pieces (e.g. jumpers, and jackets) should match all of your tops and bottoms.

Sounds a little tricky, right? Don’t worry, there’s another tip that will make this task so much easier. Pick a colour palette of no more than three co-ordinating colours, and stick with it throughout your items. This way, you should be able to mix and match everything in your suitcase.

  1. Get help!

The Stylebook app (available on iphones & ipads) is a genius way to keep track of all of the items in your wardrobe, plan your outfits each day, and get the most out of your existing clothes. Why not give it a try?

  1. Style your outfits

The way you wear something has the power to completely transform your look. Experiment with tucking things in, buttoning them up or down, and adding different accessories.

  1. Try things on before you go

If you have the time, try your outfits on before you go. The mental picture in your head will always be slightly different to how an outfit looks on you in real life.

Author: Shani Jay 


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  • Helen

    I always pack too much! Great advice, thanks :)

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