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European Fashion & Travel Must-Sees

European Fashion & Travel Must-Sees


Travel is one of the things that makes life interesting. Visiting a far-flung destination and embracing a new, vibrant culture. Europe is a particularly incredible and popular place to visit by people from all around the world.


If you are after a relaxing beach vacay, then head to the beautiful San Sebastian in northern Spain. It has some mouth-watering food, beautiful buildings and white sandy beaches. Though, if the beach isn’t your thing and you are a Francophile… head to the stunning Bordeaux. It is home to some of the best wine in the world, incredible culinary delights and some super cool, old world architecture that isn’t to be missed. It is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city, full of cool, well-dressed people who love a drink! One of the top things to do, is head out on the UNESCO World Heritage walk through the city, or do a day trip to the nearby Saint Emilion.


Heading back into the sun and more south, another awesome European must see is Cascais in Portugal. It is about 50 minutes out of Lisbon by train and is a beach and food lover’s dream. Not to mention, it is the top choice for British holiday goers.


Wherever it is you end up heading on your European adventure, there is one thing you are sure to find – some exciting and edgy fashion. The question you have to ask is, how much of this can we take home (literally and figuratively).


European fashion in two words? Bold and beautiful.


If the month of fashion weeks we’ve just witnessed are anything to go by, there are some surprising trends that will creep into the European fashion mainstream this spring/summer.


As John Galliano said, “The joy of dressing is an art”. That has translated almost literally, with pastels, check, feathers, plastic and double denim making a comeback. The fundamentals in our wardrobe continue to play a key part, too: trench coats, sneakers, denim, belts and trouser suits – all reborn with ingenious hems, colours and styles.


If picking your pieces for the upcoming season sounds like a tough endeavour (we are spoilt for choice, after all), choosing where to wear them might be an even trickier one.


The European summer is about to kick in and our social media will soon be flooded by Italian cuisine, Parisian art and Greek sunsets.


If you’re thinking of jetting away to escape the Australian winter, it’s important to be prepared, safe and organised. Planning for your trip well ahead of time will make the trip a breeze, and give you more time on the holiday to sit back, relax and enjoy (or run around and see as much as possible, depending on your destination!)






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