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Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

 No, we’re not talking about the next series of Game of Thrones, which is still like a year away! OMG…

With the cooler weather creeping up on us and the beautiful warm autumn nights drawing to a close, winter pieces will soon take over the racks and new trends will slip into mainstream fashion quicker than the blink of an eye. Goodbye to the summer wardrobe… 

If American winter fashion trends are anything to go by, puffer jackets, monochrome, normcore, soft pinks and whites, and thigh highs will be among the must-haves. However, maybe Australian winter is going for a totally new look.

Our owner and designer, Janette, shares with us her style tips for the upcoming seasons, as well as sharing some new designs coming to Why Mary this winter.

What is the key for nailing the autumn winter wardrobe?  

J: Keeping to silhouettes that suit your style and figure. Regardless of what's on trend, if it doesn't suit you or feel comfortable you won't wear it. A stylish jacket and new season boots will always nail it.

Can you up-cycle some of your old outfits for winter? 

J: I feel "Up-cycling" will be a big part of future fashion as more brands move to make a conscientious effort to reduce waste.  Re-use and re-vamp where possible, it's super creative, cost effective and a lot of fun.  Autumn/Winter is the easiest season to up-cycle as it revolves around classics that can be worn again and again. Adding in season accessories or a simple change in the hemline can make an outfit look completely different and on point. 

What are some simple things you can do to stay warm in style? 

J: Coats, scarves, gloves, boots, and layer up the under garments. If you like to wear a felt hat or funky fiddlers, as it always adds style and warmth and shows confidence. 

What colours and looks are in this season?  

J: Team Why Mary is going with a 70's retro look this winter focusing on soft velvet pants and jackets and of course jumpsuits are still on the radar.  We love the deep rich tones of the autumn hues, which you can mix and match with ease. According to the Pantone Fashion Trend Report, we will also see outbursts of colour such as orange, yellow and purple tones.  If the colour doesn't suit your skin tone though, don't try to wear it and opt for outfits that make you feel and look good.

What do you suggest doing with all of our old summer clothes? 

J: If you want to make room in your wardrobe for the new season, make a day to go through the summer clothes that you didn't wear at all and think about who you might be able to pass them on to or donate to charity. If you have valuable items, perhaps you could try selling them on eBay or a pre-loved designer market. Clothes swap parties can also be fun and a good excuse to have the girls around.

While style is important, it’s also important to be warm and comfortable during the cooler months. Winter is the perfect time to mix and match, play around with colours and patterns, and revamp and restyle classic pieces.

Monochrome has been the look for the last few winters, but bright colours are expected this coming season. Make sure to check out our retro, velvet look this winter, coming soon… GOT isn’t.



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  • Lexy

    Love this look, great advice too!

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